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Classes held in Roseville, NSW, Australia, and also at Castle Cove (Castle Cove for school age children 5-9only)
Our Studio has classes in classical ballet, jazz/hiphop, contemporary and Musical Theatre.

26 Apr, 2014
Congratulations to Chloe Malek, 2nd Placing at her first Eisteddfod ever Well done.

and FIRST PLACE in her Contemporary - first Contemporary ever!

Update: Chloe, 3 more 1sts: Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary.

Also well done Lara: Highly Commended in her first Jazz solo, and 1st placing at her third eisteddfod.

9 Jan, 2013
12 Jul, 2012
A Studio around the corner has been named Roseville Dance Academy. Don't get confused! We remain Roseville Ballet & Performing Arts.
Jan 2011
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Student of the Week

Week 6: All of our wonderful students for their fabulous performances in the Concert!

Week 5: Sophie Pancino, Hannah Koch-Lowndes, Molly Gallagher, Charlotte Betts

Week 4: Erica Blazey, CC Primary class (3.45 Thursday)

Week 3: Juliette Quealy, our HSC students.

Week 2; Emma Wotherspoon, Charleigh Malone

Week 1: Angela Joseph (well done on learning a whole routine in one lesson!)


Week 10: Claudia Kevans, Imogen Raftesath, Emma Fraser

Week 9: our Intermediate Foundation class!

Week 8: Olivia Armitage, Meredith Reynolds,

Week 7: Hannah Scott, Honour Cleary-Hunt, Emma Fraser

Week 6: Sophie Pancino, Molly Gallagher, Lea Yates, Maxine Liu

Week 5: Charlie Malone, Camilla Reynolds, Grade 2 class today (Saturday), Molly, Gabby, Rachael, Jessica, Megan.

Week 4: Lulu Howard, Grace Harris, Sophia Bergin

Week 3: Cara Murphy

Week 2: Amanda Cleary, Marissa Tse

Week 1: Katie Peters, Megan Kelly, Simone Briggs


Week 8: Claudia Brett, Cordelia Halliday, Emma Wotherspoon

Week 7: Rutika Ranade, Simone Briggs, Erica Blazey

Week 6: Sabine Brett, Phoebe Curry

Week 5: Good luck to all of our Exam Students. Break a leg!

Week 4: Cara Murphy, Stella Phipson, Rutika Renade, Imogen Bird, our Grade 1 class.

Week 3: Claudia Kevans, Daniella Peters, Annie Howard

Week 2: Emily Kupec, Cielo Rigby, Freya Hall, Chloe Malek

Week 1: Imogen Raftesath, Honour Cleary-Hunt

TERM 1 Week 10: Honour Cleary-Hunt, Paulina Jimenez, Gemma Layton, Martina Chin

Week 9: Our 10.30 Saturday Tiny Tots!!

Week 8: Sophie Hooper, Lulu Howard, Imogen Raftesath,

Week 7: Sybella Hill, Sophie French, Ella Henry

Week 6: Cielo Rigby, Chloe Malek, Sophia Bergin

Week 5: Sophia Wiseman, Chloe Agius, Simone Briggs

Week 4: Ella Henry, Charlotte Beeley

Week 3: Cara Murphy, Camilla Reynolds, Amy Pan,

Week 2: Our Grade 4 Ballet Class: we Teachers love this class for their enthusiasm, focus and passion. (although a bit noisy in the waiting room!). Well done girls! Plus JULIETTE QUEALEY!

Week 1: Sabine Brett, Eva Connolly, Sophie Pancino, Madeline Church, and Miss Shannon was VERY pleased with her Grade 1 class at CC on Thursday: (much improved in concentration and technique)
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