Welcome to Roseville Ballet & Performing Arts!
Classes held in Roseville, NSW, Australia, and also at Castle Cove (Castle Cove for school age children 5-9only)
Our Studio has classes in classical ballet, jazz/hiphop, contemporary and Musical Theatre.
Term 1 2017
19 Jan, 2017
Term 1 2017 commences in general from Monday 6 February.

Troupe and eisteddfod solos start from Monday 23 January.

See you all soon!
29 Nov, 2016
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EMAIL: admin@rosevilleballet.com

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WEBSITE: www.rosevilleballet.com
12 Jul, 2012
A Studio around the corner has been named Roseville Dance Academy. Don't get confused! We remain Roseville Ballet & Performing Arts.
Fees are not refunded for holidays taken during term or for missed classes (except in cases of prolonged illness)

No refunds for changed minds once a Term has commenced.

Student of the Week
For 2016 we are only posting a Student of the Week when a student shows us something exceptional - or shows consistent focus and effort.

ANGELA JOSEPH - for remembering every correction

MARTINA CHIN - eyes up!

ASHLEIGH YIP - good practise!

EMMA FRASER - great classwork

EVA HARRIS & HAILEY KIM - great acting in Musical Theatre class

RACHAEL OZICH & LEA YATES - excellent class

SIMONE BRIGGS - for big improvement in class

CHARLOTTE BLOCH - for coming to class not feeling the best

CHARLOTTE BLOCK - much improved.

SOPHIA MCKEAN - great jazz work

LAUREN CHAN - excellent eisteddfod practise

LEA YATES - much improvement

MAXINE LIU - doing well

ASHLEIGH YIP - always focused

EMMA FRASER - always gives 100%

SABINE BRETT - always giving her best

SARAH FYVIE - new from o/s and caught up fast

AMY PAN - always remembers every single answer

LAUREN CHAN - promoted one level!!

AMANDA CLEARY - fantastic attitude

INTERMEDIATES - a favourite class of great girls

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