Understanding Ballet
All students are expected to be on time, i.e. arrive at least 5 mins prior to class time to avoid interrupting the flow of a class already in progress: this means allowing for traffic/parking/putting on shoes.

Our Classical students study the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus, a system used worldwide and based in London.
The Grade levels are:

    3, & 4 years (non exam)
  • Pre Primary

  • Primary

  • Grades 1-5 (two lessons per week required)

Students then progress to either the Higher Grades 6-8 (no Pointe, but character continues). These Grades are suitable for those students wishing to continue on two classes per week.

- OR -

Vocational Grades (previously called Majors) which involves Pointe, and require at least 3 lessons per week:

  • Intermediate Foundation

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced Foundation

  • Advanced 1

  • Advanced 2

A common misconception with regard to balletic studies is that because a student has no wish to become a ballerina, their Ballet studies can be taken casually. Ballet is an art form, and therefore, as with any art form such as piano, time and effort and constant attendance is required. There are many benefits for a ballet student besides a career, including self-discipline, responsibility, posture and poise (you can always tell a dance-trained individual!) musicality, joy of dance, stage experience, bonding with a group of peers, coping with competition, all of which stand a student in excellent stead for their chosen career. Ballet is also the basis for all other forms of dance, including musical theatre, jazz and contemporary, and even is considered by some to be a necessary component for a singing career.

We organise Contemporary and Jazz classes next to a ballet class, to avoid students having to attend yet another day. This usually means that two ballet levels come together in the one jazz level.
Understanding Contemporary
Contemporary is a lovely "reward" for years of classical study, although we do accept non ballet students as well. Generally students commence Contemporary at about Grade 4 ballet level.

The basis of Contemporary is classical technique, and most Ballet Companys world-wide now include Contemporary in their repertoire, and is therefore a necessary component of today's dance studies.
Understanding Jazz
Under our heading of Jazz also comes Hip-Hop, Funk, Street Jazz etc. We generally just call it all Jazz. Depending on the teacher, various forms are covered at various times. Our jazz teachers come from within the Industry, so that the latest work is taught. For this reason, there are sometimes changes of teachers, when they gain a professional contract; usually they then return at various times. Sometimes a teacher will be with us for an entire year or more, other times not. Because we are prepared to accept these changes, we do get excellent teachers, because they know they can accept any contracts that arise. Our Jazz classes also include technique, as without it, students will not progress to a higher standard.

*see News for extension classes
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