Hayley Doran

Hayley Doran

Classical & Jazz

Hayley Doran began her dancing career around the age of 11 studying jazz, tap and lyrical on the NSW central coast. A few years later she then furthered her education by taking classes in musical theatre, contemporary and hip hop, along with travelling to Sydney to participate in workshops run by Brentstreet, Sydney Dance Company and Source Dance tours.

She was given the privilege in 2010 to be accepted into IKIN dance, Anthony IKIN’s fulltime course enabling her to work with the best in the industry and furthering her training even more, adding acrobatics, singing, acting, breakdancing and ballet to her studies along with all other styles she had previously trained in.
During her career in this industry so far, she has had the opportunity of performing in several states around Australia. These shows have enabled her to perform at Youth Olympic Opening Ceremony, School Spectaculars, Australia Zoo, Katherine (NT) Family Awareness Day, Sunshine Coast Father’s Day Festivals, Sea World and Movie World to name a few.

She has also performed in Marvin Priest’s ‘own this club’ and Kindred’s debut film clip which both play regularly on video hits, has been an extra for project moda on Xfactor 2010, Cheerleads for the Sydney Roosters for the past 9 years and had the opportunity to perform and work alongside Diane Heaton in Bollywood films in Fiji.
Although Hayley’s talent doesn’t just stop at dance, with a great stage presence and gift for entertaining, Hayley has also had the opportunity of being in Sky Racings TVC’s, Woolworths TVC, Bundy Rum Print Ads and performing on ABC’s ‘The Giggle and Hoot TV Show’ as Charlie Bear and toured all around NSW and NT performing Smurf shows as Smurfette. Hayley also regularly performs charity events for Ronald McDonald house as Hamburglar.

She has also done fashion shows for Sydney Angels, promo work including celebrity apprentice and photo-shoots for Luela. Being a young talent, this is only the beginning of her long and prosperous future within the arts and entertainment industry.

Hayley is one to inspire others and make them believe in themselves and their dreams, which also make her a very talented dance teacher for the upcoming young talent.